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HTB Bungee Cords Shipping/Handling Chargers And Return and Refund Policy.

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HTB Bungee Cords On-line ordering is set up so shipping & handling charges are not calculated when a order is place . So if you placed a order or are going to? The shopping cart will ask for a shipping option, and whatever is pick? The money column will say zero ($0.00) and next to it, will say that the freight will be calculated by lbs. & zone then added!

So you if get $.75 or $2.00 it is still a under one pound (11oz) charge from USPS. It is also possible to get $15.00 or $20.00 and still to be under a one pound charge. With this business there are so many different combinations of materials that could be ordered? You would never know the right freight charges until the order was boxed and weighted. It is not because I do not want you to know what I am going to charge you!? Far from it! When a order is placed the receipt you get in your email has a toll free phone number and a email address to contact me if anyone has a questions about whatever? Freight or product or lead time, whatever?
Shipping And Handling Options

HTB Bungee Cords uses Priority Mail from USPS for most orders. It is the first shipping option on the shopping cart. HTB will use the best service for your order. There are times I will use the Medium flat rate box to save on shipping cost. The small and medium flat rate boxes is what I use. All other orders are done by weight and zone.

USPS Priority Mail basic rates for S/H.
Orders that are under one pound. 
Most of the time the small flat rate can used for $9.15.
Eastern states for S/H average $9.50 to $10.00
Central states for S/H average $10.00 to $12.00
Western states for S/H average $13.00
This is the average for small orders. Small orders are place a lot. $20.00 and under. If a order breaks one pounds the cost will go up $1.00 to $1.50 from the above rates. On all other orders are calculated by weigtht and zone then added to the total.
HTB does NOT use any kind of envelopes for any orders.
Medium flat rate box is $15.00. There are time that this service is the best way to ship to central and western states. When orders break over a one to two pounds in weight.

If you are in a place where USPS does delivery too, but Ups does. You can request that your order be ship by Ups in the comment box. Make note that Ups cost more than USPS service!
Some rural, businesses, and military address the USPS service will not work. So Ups will need to be used.

If you want overnight freight?? USPS express service will be used. Ups Red Label can used but is a special request. It would be a great idea to follow up with a phone call to make sure the order can be ship in time, to receive it on time?

Any orders outside of the states the International mail service will be used. Make sure to pick International shipping option on the shopping cart. All international orders and be costly. You can request shipping cost before your order is process.

So if you have any questions or would like a quote on the freight? I can be reach by email or toll free phone number below.

HTB Bungee Cords dose not require a minimum order. A person and get $.50 worth of product if this all they want? I under stand why companies require a minimum of $15.00 or $25.00 because it is not worth the time process a order at this only $2.00 or $4.00 or whatever? As long as I am running HTB I respect a person needs to only get what he or she needs? No matter the size of the order? Remember that the under one pound S/H charge will apply to small orders. Like $10.00 and under.

Return and refund policy.
HTB Bungee Cords are made to order. There are no assemble bungee cords ready for sale. This why there are no refunds.
There are no refunds!! on any Assemble bungee cords!! hooked, Ball, Adjustable or any other kind of bungee cords. 

Limited credits can be given. It will depend on the customer problems with bungee cord or cords, bungee cord by the foot. You will have to call me to see what can be done for you??
And if you have any question? You need to contact me 24 hours after a order is placed to stop or cancel it or change it? All my contact information is on this page and in the email receipt if a on-line order was place?

So you if are not sure what you need?? Call me, email me to make sure you get what you need.

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